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Dear Orchestra,
I am wishfully writing you from Ankara. I and my roommates came to your concerts and tried to attend the recitals of some members of orchestra as much as we can.  We adopted our seats on which we sat as you like and adopt the stage, on which you perform, we are proud of being your audience.
You are a big chance for us both your quality and price for the students.  I am feeling sad that I could not know the value of you.
Endless congratulations for your excellent qualifications. See you on the Special Concert for Republic Day.

We are Emel and Furkan studying at Kılıcoğlu High School.
Thank you for offering us such a nice opportunity. We are coming to listen you as much as we can and we like so much.  You changed our prejudice against to the classical music. We were coming to these concerts as a school group but now we are coming by ourselves. Thanks for our teacher Serap. Instead of listening tape in the lessons, it is a great pleasure for us to come here and listening live.  Thank you again.
Emel KAHYA/ Furkan ÇELİK

The light you keep in this branch of art never goes out.
Thank you for your amazing performance.

Eskişehir Anadolu High School

I firstly celebrate Prof. Dr Yılmaz BÜYÜKERŞEN. I appreciate his cultural and art services for Eskişehir. I believe that he will serve for good services in Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality for years.

Assistant Professor Dr. Cengiz ALTINOK

Congratulations.. You are successful

State Conservatory Harp Department Students

Dear Symphony Orchestrate;
I tried to be close since your opening. When you get on the stage, you become a huge art legend by the command of the conductor. I celebrate all of you.
Thanks for the important and valuable soloists, conductors coming from other symphonies of Turkey for supporting you.
Thanks to Prof. Dr. YILMAZ BÜYÜKERŞEN who opened the doors of this new world and all staff working on this one by one.
I wish you a continued success…


Valuable Artists,
It is so proud being with such qualified artists and musics in such a this level. All of you are very valuable. I celebrate you and wish you a continued success…
I am a student, new starter to music education. After I listened you, I told myself “Luckily, I have started to music”.
Melahat Ünügür Primary School 5-A
We are child members coming from the Education Volunteers. We liked the concert realized on today so much; we were not bored because it is so lively and fun.
We learned various instruments; bassoon, oboe, double bass and etc..
We always want to come such these concerts. Thanks for the ones arranged these organizations.
M. Büşra TOPÇU/ Tuba GÜDER /Fatmanur ACARTÜRK/ Zeynep ÇAKIROĞLU /Ümit ALTOK /İbrahim KARA /Merve YILMAZ
Culture and Art are very essential and important in positive development of the society and it has been proven with the practice of mankind and every step taken into this country and the smallest contribution is presented to us as a culture and art worker. When I see these works, the increasing despair in our society in recent years has become a light for hope.
I congratulate Yılmaz BÜYÜKERŞEN and those who contributed to.
I am sending my love and sincere.

You are great, ATATÜRK!
You succeeded in the war by public children in 80 years while the Europe made this by noble family member in 500-600 years. I bow respectfully before him for hundreds time.
Today, we listened the music of Metropolitan Symphony Orchestrate under the baton of the conduct of Ender SAKPINAR and İdil BİRET.
I bow respectfully before Ender SAKPINAR,
I bow respectfully before İdil BİRET,
I bow respectfully before Yılmaz BÜYÜKERŞEN

Thank you so much that theatre tickets are in reasonable price.
Thanks for providing us the opportunity to attend the cultural activities.
Nilgün ÖZTOP – Sumru DEMİR

Dear Our Lord Mayor and valuable colleagues;
I am grateful to you for bringing in an art center deserving to Turkish Republic, Secular Republic.
We need Lord Mayors like you. Keep our hands and let’s go up together. Protect ATATÜRK’s children. Sincerely yours.
Member of ANACEV

Maybe you are performing the best work in the world. Thank you especially for providing an opportunity to listen these colorful melodies of the beautiful world.
We will do the same thing as you do. We congratulate you and all of the ones participated in this, it is a pride for us.
Best regards…
Gül & Sinem

We visited Eskişehir as graduate military officers from Turkish Military Academy in 1985. Prof. Dr. Yılmaz BÜYÜKERŞEN who was the establisher of Anadolu University brought the university into the most beautiful university of our country.
He brought Eskisehir into the most beautiful city of our country for two periods. His works are permanent not temporary. We toured, saw, listened and rested and are proud of as old T.S.K (Turkish Armed Forces) retired military officers.
I wish you a continued success
Cengiz ARPAĞ
Lieutenant General

Think about a city without being a localized opera. It is an applaudable behavior that by attempting to be an example for Turkey , Opera Building of Local Managements, Stop of Opera, and giving a name called “Opera” to the one of the trams. We celebrate the one who designed such a contemporary thinking and worked on that area.
On behalf of Mersin State Opera and Ballet Artists and Personnels Coordinator of Media Press Public Relations
Ali Osman ARKAN

I had a prejudice against the symphony. It was simply peerless amazing.

It was so amazing that my interest to violin has been increased and I decided to learn playing a violin.
Everything regarding on art is beautiful but such a feeling like that was so different. I am sure that I will do my best for taking part in art.
After today’s performance, I decided to come to violin concerto every time.

Dear Art lovers and art volunteers,
When I came to Eskisehir, I heard the question of “ It is a small city , what makes different this city?”
I realized the difference when I first came here, listened the Symphony Orchestrate and walked around the amazing Opera Building.
Here is smelling art.
Thanks everyone for evoking this feeling.

I had a guest from Yalova. She wanted to go to concert so much but we came here that the anxiety of 3,5 years old child cannot be taken into the hall. They gave us seat from the opera box. We were really happy with this politeness. Here it is! Civilization, culture and respect!

I have been here for the first time. This beautiful place is really amazing. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Prof. Dr. Yılmaz BÜYÜKERŞEN. Japan artists and the orchestra are amazing. Reasonable price is plus. I want to add something to the saying of Great Leader Atatürk “A nation without art has lost one of its lifelines.” I am saying “A nation without art has lost”.
Metallurgical Engineer MSc

I agree with my husband’s feelings. Although I have come here for the first time, I liked the concert, excellent orchestra and strong assembly. It was very amusing. The conductor is great; Japan man and woman who were playing tuba and clarinet were amazing.It was an entertaining orchestrate, especially it was the special concert for Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day.
It was really a cultural celebration. Thanks Metropolitan Municipality. Regards
Pre-school Teacher

An excellent performance from the last concert of the season. Thank You. I did not miss any programme of the Opera until this day. My symphony adventure is up for me because I will live in Istanbul not Eskisehir anymore. I will not listen you often but I try to come occasionally. You are amazing.
I will miss you…

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